As part of the Turner Family Foundation’s ongoing commitment to fostering high-impact research within the Hidden Vale Wildlife Project, they are providing funding to support postgraduate research projects. Conditions for this funding are:

Funding categories:

  • Equipment (note equipment purchased remains property of the Hidden Vale Project)
  • Fieldwork expenses (not including fuel or hiring other research staff)
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Conference attendance (UQ enrolled students only - limited to one registration cost per student during studies)
  • Training 

Only approved Hidden Vale students including Honours, Masters, and PhD students. Undergraduate ‘special topics’ student research also considered if research objectives and funding requests are part of the strategic development of the wider Project.  

Funding rounds:
Quarterly funding rounds with submission deadlines in line with the middle of UQ research quarters.
Please note, funding is to be used within 6 months. If successful, you will need to provide a brief summary of the resulting research outcomes.

Applications will be assessed by the research committee who will rank applications based on:

  1. Justification for funding to achieve goals of research;
  2. Track record of applicant relative to opportunity;
  3. Evidence of effort to apply for, or obtain external funding;
  4. Any HV research funding applied for, or received previously;
  5. Funding request alignment with the strategic direction of the wider Project.

For more information:
Please contact Research Manager Julia Hoy

This funding will be made available on a quarterly basis to current full Hidden Vale research students only.

 Application form