Ecology Graduate Employment Program

21 November 2019

The inaugural round of applications for the Turner Family Foundation Ecology Graduate Program is open.  This training and employment program is open to UQ graduates with Honours (minimum) in Ecology, Environmental Management, Wildlife Science, or a related field, with preference being given to graduates of the Hidden Vale Project.  Applications are due by 9 am Monday December 2.

See attached document (PDF, 698.3 KB) for full details.

This is an exciting new initiative to further boost the enduring relationship between the Turner Family Foundation (previously Gainsdale) and The University of Queensland.  Graduates will be based at the Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre and work across our 8,000+ hectares of nature refuges and cattle stations, gaining on-the-job learning and mentoring in practical, analytical, academic and leadership skills in preparation for a career in conservation science.

Program aim: to provide on-the-job learning and training in practical, analytical, academic and leadership skills in preparation for a career in Conservation Science, through applying and building on the skills learnt through an Honours or PhD program to the Turner Family Foundation Ecology and Conservation Program.

The Turner Family Foundation’s long-term vision is to support resilient functioning ecosystems across our network of properties and the broader region, where key species and processes are restored, land use is sustainable and people are connected with nature.

The Ecology Graduate Program provides inspiring, challenging and rewarding opportunities in an environment where skills can be developed and confidence can grow, after which graduates may pursue further study or move on with essential skillsets. The program has been developed to give graduates real responsibility while complementing and expanding on what they have learnt in their study.

One position of 24 months duration is currently available for the 2020 program intake, for graduates from The University of Queensland with qualifications of at least BSc Honours.

For all enquiries contact Megan Brady at