About Honours to HDR: Research @ Hidden Vale


•Find out about what Honours, Masters and PhDs involve

•Chat to current students and supervisors

•Learn about exciting research within the Hidden Vale Wildlife Project

•Tour the Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre

•Enjoy free food (menu selected and certified by poor students)


YOU! If you are considering Honours, Masters or a PhD, and want to work in the hottest wildlife science fields [ ecology │ captive wildlife management │ wildlife pre-and post-release technologies │ wildlife disease │ pest management │ ecotourism │ land management │ and more… ] in Australia’s newest and best Wildlife Centre* then this event is for you.


For more information and to view current research projects:

Click: www.hiddenvalewildlife.uq.edu.au

Email: Research Manager Julia Hoy at j.hoy@uq.edu.au


We look forward to seeing you there!


*100% FACT!


617 Grandchester Mount Mort Road
David Stent Lecture Theatre - Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre