Hidden Vale Tails - Issue 10 Winter 2022

29 August 2022

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From hard work to high tech...

Welcome to the Winter 2022 edition of Hidden Vale Tails featuring news and insights from the team at Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre. 

Undertaking conservation projects at-scale usually requires a lot of time and resources. In the first three years of our Koala Project, for example, the team drove more than 8,000 kilometres on our property, tracking and relocating koalas. Our land management and conservation projects also require significant time in the field.

Innovations in research and technology are enabling our team to cover more ground than ever before. In a recent collaboration with World Wildlife Fund for Nature, Australia, the Australian Government and Dendra Systems, we employed hi-tech drones (pictured below) to spread millions of seeds in just a few hours to plant a koala corridor. This and other innovative conservation projects are part of our commitment to preserving Australia's land and wildlife.

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