Common Name Scientific Name NCA StatusNature Conservation Act
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EPBC StatusEnvironment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act
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IUCN ListInternational Union for Conservation of Nature
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BoT StatusBack on Track species prioritisation framework
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Captive HoldingsCaptive Holdings
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Native to the Scenic Rim
Fleay's barred frog Mixophyes fleayi E E EN L A
Giant barred frog Mixophyes iteratus E E EN M -
Cascade treefrog Litoria pearsoniana V - NT L -
Tusked frog Adelotus brevis V - NT M -
Wallum rocketfrog Litoria freycineti V - V M -
Mountain frog (Red-and-yellow mountainfrog) Philoria kundagungan (*Kyarranus) NT - EN L -
Green thighed frog Litoria brevipalmata C - EN M -
Loveridge's frog (Masked mountainfrog) Philoria loveridgei (*Kyarranus) C - EN L -
Whirring treefrog Litoria revelata C - LC L -
Pouched frog Assa darlingtoni C - LC L -
* Some discrepency in taxonomy - see within species pages for further details

General Frog Literature

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